The Euro Diaries: Potato Pancakes (Latke) in Budapest

Calories galore is what one would think when they see one of Hungary’s most popular street food! However, I’d say give it a go. Yes, it is quite rich with the thick fried potato base piled with loads of grated cheese and a topping of your choice, but you know what they say, ‘When in Rome…’. At this particular spring market pop-up, we were offered several topping options including ham and eggs, curried beef, chicken, smoked salmon and veg with cheese. I went with the smoked salmon one, and it was interesting to get a taste of it. Of course, I couldn’t finish it – it’s quite heavy! But I see how this can serve as a meal proper for a local or as a good re-fuel for a tourist walking around the city.

Bu20 DSC_7809
Latkes (potato pancakes)

An alternative option was the thick bread base. From what I’ve read, a lángos (fried bread) base is seemingly the equally popular ‘cousin’ of latkes. However, these breads did not appear to be fried. They were just very dough-y and looked baked.

Bu20 DSC_7808
An alternative with a bread base instead of potato

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