Crystal Jade

Located at: Level 6, One Galle Face Mall, 1A Centre Road, Galle Face, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 12th November, 2022

This bustling Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, located near PVR Cinemas on the sixth floor, serves up quite an array of authentic dishes as well as beverages. We started off with a couple of varieties of dim sum. Their Steamed Pork Dumpling (LKR 1,350) was quite good, nice and juicy, and the dumpling shell was moist and not too thick, too. The Steamed Black & White Shrimp Dumpling (LKR 1,350) was even better, and came with two dumplings in conventional white translucent skins and two whose skin had been made with squid ink and were topped with a bit of roe. The crunchy shrimp filling was the same in both and was delicious – beautifully seasoned. The bit of roe on the squid ink dumplings added another layer of texture with their popping bite.

We followed the dim sum up with some Hot & Sour Seafood Thick Soup (LKR 1,300) which came with a fair bit of seafood that included fish and prawns. The thick broth tasted great and was rather satisfying on the palate – neither too spicy, nor too sour. Just good, warm and comforting.

Hot & Sour Seafood Thick Soup

For the main course, we went with their Fried Rice with Preserved Olive Vegetable (LKR 1,500). It had a nice savoury tone to it with the olive flavour as well as the egg and spring onion leaves that had been tossed into it. Quite a good dish!

Fried Rice with Preserved Olive Vegetable

To go with the rice, we ordered a portion of Kung Pao Fish Fillet (LKR 3,400). The dish came in the form of perfectly done, stir-fried fish in a soy-based sauce with dried red chilli, onion and cashew. It tasted wonderful and went well with the rice, and the combination of the elements in the dish gave it a range of textures that were quite pleasing to navigate through and munch on.

Kung Pao Fish Fillet

We also ordered a portion of Sea Prawn sautéed with chilli and crispy garlic (LKR 3,500). Alternative preparation options for this dish include sautéed with chilli, sautéed with glass noodle, white pepper, ginger and scallion in a claypot, or sautéed with cereal. We were quite happy with our choice, for the crispy prawn was perfectly seasoned, and the fried garlic and scallion that topped it was a scrumptious combination that really lifted the dish, as well as complemented the rice.

Sea Prawn sautéed with chilli and crispy garlic

Crystal Jade’s Mango Lime Mint mocktail (LKR 1,400) had me wondering why we haven’t tried this mix at home before! The balance was perfect, with the sweetness and viscosity of the mango not overpowering the subtle tartness of the lime, and the mint blowing a bit of freshness into it. Nice one.

Mango Lime Mint mocktail

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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