Flavours by Cinnamon – Sri Lankan Style Chicken String Hopper Biryani Sawan

Ordered via : https://flavours.cinnamonhotels.com

Ordered on       : 27 Jul, 2021

In addition to the Seafood Family Feast (https://theeatlog.com/2021/07/27/flavours-seafood-family-feast/), we also thought of trying Cinnamon Grand’s Sri Lankan Style Chicken String Hopper Biryani Sawan (between LKR 3,800 – LKR 7,400 for between 4 – 8 pax). This came along with chicken gravy, seeni sambol and tossed salad.

The portion for 4 pax was sizeable, to say the least. There was quite a bit of chicken and fried boiled eggs to go around. And above all, the string hopper biryani itself was very tasty. If you’re not one to look for gravy, the biryani by itself was quite moist and the chicken was seasoned well enough to make a sufficient accompaniment with a bit of egg. A touch of onion relish, cut veggies and cashew halves added an interesting combination of textures that elevated the dish. Frankly, it needed nothing else.

The accompanying salad comprised of cubed and seasoned cucumber, onion, tomato, yellow bell pepper and black olives. A refreshing combination that was nice to start off with.

Sri Lankan Style Chicken String Hopper Biryani Sawan

The sawan was also accompanied by watalappan for dessert. This, too, was very good – not too sweet or soppy, just nice with a bit of cashew on top. Yet another meal that we all enjoyed very much, and another one we wouldn’t mind having again.


* Ordering via Flavours also allows you to contribute towards Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ ‘Meals that Heal’ campaign through which they donate a meal to members of the community for every order placed. It could be an amount as small as LKR 100 that you donate – but small things make a big difference. Kudos to Cinnamon for this initiative. *

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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