Treats CMB

Instagram: @treatscmb (pre-order for delivery or takeaway from Malalasekara Place, Colombo 07, SriLanka)

Tried on: 02nd September, 2022

Treats CMB has some pretty enticing Instagram content, so I thought they might be worth trying out to soothe my latest éclair cravings. While a few of the usual flavours have been taken off the menu due to the current situation in the country – and subsequent shortage of ingredients – they still have quite an impressive repertoire to choose from. Each éclair is currently priced at LKR 500, while mini éclairs (MOQ 12 pieces per flavour) are priced at LKR 325 each.

Let me say first up that what I loved the most about Treats’ éclairs was that both their choux pastry as well as their cream fillings were light and fluffy. The pastry was nice and thin, too, and the light creaminess of the fillings meant that they merged together seamlessly in every bite. On top of that, none of the éclairs that we tried were too sweet. This combination made them quite enjoyable as a whole. The éclairs also looked great – some of them having a little silver foil detail – and were well-presented.

Dulce de Leche was everybody’s favourite! There was a tiny, sugar-like crunch that came from somewhere between bites, and the caramelised milk glaze and icing strip added an interesting bite and mix of textures to the éclair. A great end-product that we all enjoyed equally.

Dulce de Leche éclair

I don’t often gravitate towards vanilla desserts, but – if done right – there’s something about the vanilla-choux combo that’s very satisfying and comforting at the same time. That’s what Treats’ Vanilla éclair was. Happy and fluffy with a bit of a light crackle from the craquelin top and just the right amount of sweetness and flavour.

Vanilla éclair

The Biscoff éclair was true to its name, with the familiar caramel-like sweetness and mild spice of the original Lotus Biscoff. A rather interesting rendition of the flavour that has become increasingly popular around the globe in the recent past.

Biscoff éclair

Treats offers a choice between Classic Chocolate and Chocolate éclairs. The former is literally your classic éclair with a chocolate glaze. The latter has a craquelin top, made pretty with a bit of chocolate icing deco and bright sprinkles. We opted for Chocolate and it turned out to be a good choice. Not too heavy on chocolate, but with a light chocolate filling and a light crumbly bite from the craquelin on top. The icing topping ensured that the choux remained nice and moist all around.

Chocolate éclair

The flavour of coffee was a bit intense in the Coffee éclair, but pleasantly so. Unlike most coffee éclairs where there’s an almost 50-50 coffee to chocolate profile, Treats’ coffee éclair had a predominant coffee flavour which would sit well with any coffee-lover.

Coffee éclair

Finally, there was the Peanut Butter éclair. It was eye-catching and tasty with a bit of crunch from the peanuts on top. While there were little dollops of actual peanut butter on top, I liked that the filling was a well-balanced light peanut butter cream rather than a thick peanut butter core as this made the éclair light and smooth on the palate.

Peanut Butter éclair

All-in-all Treats CMB was a great find and their éclairs are perfect to treat yourself to a serving of happiness, or to share a bit of happiness with friends and family. Well done!

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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