Baguette French Bakery

Located at: 174 Galle Road, Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka (bakery items also available at Pho Vietnam Restaurant on Rosmead Place and on Havelock Road)

Tasted on: 24 March, 2020

Curfew Delivery : Colombo 02-08; delivery fee LKR 200 (free for total of LKR 3,000 or more)

We thought of trying out some of Baguette’s bakery items and, perhaps obviously, one of the items on our order list was their traditional Baguette (LKR 280). Most of their breads are sourdough (naturally leavened bread, made with dough containing a symbiotic mixture of Lactobacillus culture and yeast), which gives them a bit of longevity. We had it the following evening after heating it up in the oven for a bit – and it was great. It tasted fresh and was quite crusty on the outside. The inside was soft and hadn’t gone dry at all. There was a nice home-made feel to the bread. And, of course, being French-owned, it comes with a stamp of authenticity as well.


Their Croissants (LKR 280; mini-croissants are LKR 140 each) are a must-try. They were so crisp and flaky on the outside, with a subtly buttery core. When you pick it up, each croissant feels quite light, however (despite not having a dense core), it fills you up quite a bit! There’s no doubt that Baguette throws a bit of love into their croissant dough.




The Pear Danish (LKR 300) was good too, but on the softer side. I actually wouldn’t mind having a little more pear and custard on them, though, to balance off nicely with the pastry.

Pear Danish


Finally, we also ordered a few Palmiers (LKR 120 each). These sugar-sprinkled, swirly, flaky pastries are great for tea time or a snack. Quite sizeable, the foamy crunch of the pastry balances the sweetness of the sugar perfectly, toning it down to an enjoyable degree. A potentially messy, delightful treat for just about any age.



Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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