Percy & Bea’s Savoury Dips

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Tried on: 28th January, 2021

I have previously reviewed some of Percy & Bea’s peanut and cashew butters ( and, as a satisfied returning customer, was quite intrigued to try out their expanding range of savoury dips.

Let’s begin with the Brandy-infused Chicken Liver Pâté (LKR 1,000 per jar). Presented beautifully with a sprig of parsley sticking out through the top layer of fat, the pâté itself had a wonderfully smooth, almost creamy texture. The usually pungent flavour of chicken liver was balanced nicely with the brandy and seasoning so as not to overwhelm the palate. Great on crackers or a slice of toast – perhaps with a dab of savoury jam.

Brandy-infused Chicken Liver Pâté

Next up was the Bacon Jam (LKR 1,400 per jar). This was sweet, spicy (a tad bit spicier than I anticipated), chewy and delightful. The bacon pieces were aplenty and the dip itself was testament to how a simple, everyday (mostly) breakfast favourite can be ‘upscaled’ into something that can be enjoyed in several different ways at any time of the day.

Bacon Jam

The Creamy Pesto (LKR 1,350 per jar) came with a fresh basil garnish – thumbs up to the presentation. This was creamy but interestingly grainy at the same time, with bits of chopped nuts adding depth to the texture. The garlic and cheese blended in subtly to produce a well-rounded flavour on the palate which was amped up by the zing of the fresh herb that kicked in as a pleasant surprise.

Creamy Pesto

Finally, we tried the Parmesan Mushroom (LKR 1,450 per jar). Once again, P&B had managed to balance out the flavours of this dip so that neither of the main ingredients overpowered the other, or overwhelmed the tastebuds. The smooth mushroom pieces with the creamy parmesan made for a great combo, while a generous inclusion of finely diced onion gave it the perfect crunch, and bits of parsley added an element of freshness. Yet another crowd-pleaser.

Parmesan Mushroom

The savoury dips that we tried from P&B turned out to be top-notch. They’ve definitely left me looking forward to trying out whatever else is in the pipeline. In my humble opinion, these delicious jars from our little island have the potential to make it to the shelves of international stores.  Do keep it up!

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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