Schákàsz Dessert Bar

Located at: 56 Stratford Avenue, Colombo 06, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 15 Mar, 2018

This place should have been named ‘The Devil in Disguise’. For no matter how strong your will might be, Schákàsz will inevitably and most definitely tempt you into some form of indulgence. I was first introduced to the unconventional name when a friend brought us an Espresso Tart from Schákàsz about a year and a half ago. Their menu describes this as “rich dark chocolate and coffee caramel ganache on a chocolate biscuit tart and nougat crunch on top” (LKR 400 per slice – eight slices per tart). Oh. My. Goodness. Was I hooked, or was I hooked? Yeah, I was hooked. This must be the sort of thing that once-upon-a-time got people associating celestial adjectives like ‘heavenly’ and ‘divine’ with food. (Since I don’t have an image of my own, I’m including one from Schákàsz’s Facebook page to show you what I’m on about.) I wasn’t the only one to be Schákàsz-ed it – so was everyone else. It tasted just as the description says it should, and we devoured it in little time.

espresso tart
Espresso Tart   (Image – Schákàsz Facebook page)

The same friend later introduced us to their Marzipan Fudge cake (LKR 450 per slice). And it was O.M.G. all over again. A chocolate-y, fudgy, nutty layer at the bottom with layers of moist, spongy cake, soft, fluffy cream and marzipan piled on it, topped with a thin layer of chocolate. I don’t know how, but every spoonful of this complex-looking thing very simply melted into a subtle yummy mess inside my mouth. It was absolutely delicious. (Again, the image here was taken off their Facebook page.) I’m not sure if this was a seasonal special for Christmas, but if it was, I sure hope they keep bringing it back every year!

marzipan fudge
Marzipan Fudge Cake   (Image – Schákàsz Facebook page)

On this particular visit, we picked up a slice each of five different cakes. Yes, five. The first was a slice of Chocolicious tart (LKR 350 per slice). This is very similar in appearance to the Espresso Tart, but with a buttery biscuit for the tart instead of chocolate biscuit. And, of course, the filling was chocolate ganache, not coffee caramel. Yum. Their ganache is so smooth – rich but not overly buttery, and goes so well with the crumbly texture of the biscuit. Probably not something one can have a lot of in one go, but so yummy.


The second was a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake (LKR 400 per slice), what their menu describes as, “light sponge base topped up with rich, creamy, smooth chocolate mousse”. I have to say their descriptions are on point. That’s exactly what it was and what I tasted. Again, SO good. And again, not overly buttery where your lips are covered in a messy layer of lipids post-consumption. The mixture of textures was delightful on the palate, with the spongy base and middle layers and the cap of thicker chocolate ganache sandwiching the soft mousse. Unfortunately, I had underestimated the heat on the day and by the time I got home, my take-away slice had lost a bit of its structure. Not that it made any difference at all to how fabulous it tasted. But just a heads up in case you plan on transporting this a little away from close proximity or picking it up before your last stop on a day out.

Chocolate Mousse Cake (slightly distorted in structure by temperature and travel)

Next up was the Mochaccino (LKR 450 per slice). The thicker coffee mousse on the chocolate cake base had managed to defy the heat better with this one. Have I already used the adjective delicious in this review? I’m running out of synonyms here. If you thought this must feel similar to the chocolate mousse cake but with some coffee, think again. The textures in this were a noticeable contrast to the former. The coffee mousse was almost custard-like. The cake base was very moist but just short of too dense. And the powdered ganache-like mocha cap had a slight bit more coarseness than with the chocolate mousse. Kudos to the chef for the thought and creativity that go into this stuff!


The structure of the Kahlua Cheese Cake (LKR 450 per slice) had also taken a beating from the merciless climate, so in order to do it justice, I’m replacing my own image with one from Schákàsz’s Facebook page. “Chocolate and plain cheesecake on a fresh crumble with hints of Kahlua liqueur” is how they describe it, and that was exactly how it was. Am I a cheesecake person? No. Am I a Kahlua person? Not really. Did I like it? Most certainly, yes! In true Schákàsz fashion, it was lovely. And I’m just going to let that description do the rest of the talking.

kahlua cheesecake
Kahlua Cheese Cake   (Image – Schákàsz Facebook page)

Finally, there was the Bailey’s Crème Pot (LKR 380 per cup). The consistency of this was thicker in comparison to most of the other desserts reviewed here, and it also felt stronger than the Kahlua liqueur treat. This one did leave a bit of a buttery feel on the lips. But apart from that, there was hardly anything to complain about.

Bailey’s Crème Pot

If you haven’t tried anything from Schákàsz already, I highly recommend that you do. (My associates strongly agree.) The team work within a small, neat space with their cashier counter extending to their kitchen top. So it’s advisable to order ahead if you wish to have a whole cake or tart of a particular flavour – that may or may not be on the day’s menu. Whatever it is, you’re bound to come out feeling happy.

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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