Flavours by Cinnamon – High Tea for 2

Ordered via : https://flavours.cinnamonhotels.com

Ordered on       : 28 Aug, 2021

One of the things that we have missed since COVID-19 came into existence is the occasional afternoon high tea outing that we used to enjoy at different hotspots in the city. Egged on by one such craving, we decided to order in Cinnamon Lakeside’s High Tea for 2 (LKR 3,800) through their online delivery platform – Flavours (link above).

Cinnamon Lakeside High Tea for 2
High Tea packaging

 This comprised of an eye-catching 44-piece setup with four apiece of:


. Tuna mousse in black ink roll

. Tandoori chicken sandwich

. Cheese and asparagus sandwich



. Fish patty

. Chicken and cheese croquette

. Shrimp and tamarind pie

. Coconut-crusted lamb bonbon



. Strawberry short cake

. Chocolate and peanut tart

. Blueberry cheesecake

. Salty caramel stewed pineapple éclair


My favourite from the sandwiches was the tuna mousse black ink roll. Not only did this look intriguing, but the roll was also super soft, and the tuna mousse was appetisingly prepared with a tinge of lime. The chicken sandwich roll, although beautifully presented, was a bit bread-heavy and could have used a little more filling. But this, in my humble opinion, was the only shortcoming on an otherwise well-curated stand.

The savouries layer was delicious! The fillings of all four components were perfectly seasoned and I enjoyed all of them very much. The croquette, in particular, was scrumptious. The shrimp pie was right up there too. Certainly nothing to complain about that lot.

All of the sweets were good, too. But what hit the sweet spot (pun intended) for me was the éclair. So yum! A soft choux with a stewed pineapple core, topped with a delicate layer of salted caramel – an utterly perfect combination. The blueberry cheesecake was wonderful, too. And there was nothing to fault in the short cake and tart either.

All in all, Cinnamon Lakeside’s High Tea for 2 makes for a delightful high tea experience. Great value for money, and a perfect lockdown treat to bring the family together and get a conversation going. Well done!

* Ordering via Flavours also allows you to contribute towards Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ ‘Meals that Heal’ campaign through which they donate a meal to members of the community for every order placed. It could be an amount as small as LKR 100 that you donate – but small things make a big difference. Kudos to Cinnamon for this initiative. *

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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