Pavlovas from Meringued

Instagram: @meringued.cmb (pre-order for delivery)

Tried on: 16th June 2020

Kudos to Meringued Colombo for these delicious and innovative pavlovas!

We tried out three of their flavours – Bonnie Ebony (chocolate pav topped with chocolate ganache), Golden Goddess (vanilla pav topped with fresh cream, strawberry and home-made passion fruit curd) and Latte Par-teh (coffee pav topped with cream cheese).

While it’s hard to pick a favourite, (being one who is immediately drawn to chocolate flavoured anything), my heart goes out to Bonnie Ebony. The slight bitterness of the dark choco ganache was perfectly balanced off by the cocoa-laced sweetness of the pav itself.

Bonnie Ebony

However, I was also rather intrigued by the home-made passion fruit curd of the Golden Goddess, which was gleefully good! A slight tartness with a bit of sweetness and a whole lot of sunshine.

Golden Goddess

The Latte Par-teh had a nice kick of coffee in it and quite felt like I was enjoying a bit of tiramisu.

Latte Par-teh

In all, we quite enjoyed our first taste of Meringued. Check out their IG page to see all the available flavours.
Pavlovas are priced at LKR 550 a piece, MOQ a set of two.

On a side note, the packaging (box with window top) comes with a hand-written note attached with some twine – a nice personal touch, in my opinion.


Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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