Santina @ Mövenpick Colombo

Located at: 24 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 25 Oct, 2018

This Mediterranean restaurant was opened quite recently, and I’d made a mental note to check it out some time. So, we stopped for lunch as we were passing by. We tried out two dishes on the day, and while we were waiting, were served a bread platter. The assortment of bread was warm and nice and went wonderfully with what tasted like a beautiful aioli-based butter. I usually don’t butter my bread, but I quite enjoyed this butter even by itself.

Bread platter

One of the mains was the Barramundi “Mediterranean” – char-grilled barramundi fillets with Mediterranean salsa and steamed rice (LKR 2,100). What I felt about both the mains we ordered was that, visually, they were a bit plain and lacked that initial appeal. In terms of taste, they weren’t so full of flavour either, but were sufficiently tasty. The fish in this dish was well done and the salsa definitely made it more enjoyable – although I wouldn’t have minded a little more seasoning. However, there wasn’t much to make the rice more palatable, so I ended up leaving most of it behind.

Barramundi “Mediterranean”

The second dish was a Seafood Duet – seer fish fillet and prawns with saffron cream sauce, cherry tomato confit and steamed rice (LKR 2,500). The same comments apply here for visual appeal and rice accompaniment, but the cream sauce was nice and definitely went well with the fish and three prawns on the plate. Rather unfortunately, the fish in one of the two Seafood Duets at our table was undercooked – the only undercooked fillet of the thirteen they had prepared on the day, we were told. The staff were rather apologetic about the mishap and offered to bring a replacement. However, since the recipient of the raw fish had lost her appetite by then, we declined.

Seafood Duet

The chef and senior staff approached us with more apologies and sent out a complimentary round of dessert – in an attempt to get rid of the nasty taste of the fish. I must say the chocolate mousse dessert that we received turned out to be quite delicious. The mousse was smooth but not too creamy, and the chocolate pieces and splash of berry-based sauce went perfectly with it. A piece of strawberry, a slice of star fruit and a small sprig of fresh mint leaves gave it a bit of a pop and added texture. We enjoyed it – and following even more apologies and extended concern from the staff, we left with no hard feelings.

Chocolate mousse dessert

Yummy Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

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