Petit Four’s Éclairs

Instagram: @petitfour.cmb (pre-order for delivery or takeaway from Union Place)

Tried on: 12th February, 2021

Petit Four’s éclairs have been teasing my tastebuds via my Instagram feed for a while now. After having a look at their comprehensive menu (which includes more than éclairs), I decided to order a box of 12 éclairs which would allow me to try up to six different flavours. Ideally, such a box would cost LKR 2,400, but since I requested to have a couple of Baileys-infused éclairs included, it came up to LKR 2,700 for the box.

Let me begin by saying that Petit Four does a good job with their choux pastry. Although refrigerated overnight, they still regained their soft, light and moist texture after leaving them out at room temperature for a while. Presentation-wise, the packaging is as pretty as it gets, as you would notice in the image below. And the éclairs themselves look picture-perfect (which is obviously what enticed me in the first place). Now, for the flavours.

First off were the Chocolate éclairs with chocolate filling (alternative option – vanilla filling) (usually LKR 1,100 for 6). I loved these. These were my second favourite of the lot. If there was a hint of bitterness in the chocolate topping, it was completely washed out by the gooey, creamy, chocolatey yet sensibly sweet core. Lovely.

Chocolate éclair

The Nutty Coconut éclairs (LKR 1,100 for 6) gave me a bit of our Sri Lankan coconut toffee vibe as I bit into the nutty, desiccated coconut topping. This then melted away in the tropical coolness of the coconut flavoured interior.

Nutty Coconut éclair

The Pistachio éclairs (LKR 1,200 for 6) have some room for improvement, I felt. I got more of a pistachio essence taste – particularly in the cream topping – than an actual pistachio-infused flavour. I was expecting a more full-on nutty flavour, which wasn’t the case.

Pistachio éclair

Next up were the Coffee éclairs (LKR 1,100 for 6) – another classic. These were pretty good. They looked great, with a perfect walnut perched atop, which also complemented the bitterness of the vibrant espresso flavour of the core. Again, lovely.

Coffee éclair

The Lemon Curd éclairs (LKR 1,100 for 6) had a certain brightness about them. Although there was no sharp acidity, there was still a bit of zing. There was a mild bitterness that I tasted now and then which may have come from the rind – whether intentional or not, it didn’t impair the overall enjoyment of the éclairs.

Lemon Curd éclair

Finally, it was time to taste the Baileys-infused Chocolate éclairs (LKR 1,920 for 6). I was looking forward to these. And I’m glad to say that they lived up to my expectations. These were my favourite of the lot. A dollop of chocolate cream, a touch of Baileys and a bit of bliss. Definitely worth the try – and having again.

Baileys-infused Chocolate éclair

One this is clear from this first encounter. Petit Four put a lot of love and thought into their éclairs, and it shows in their product.

Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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