Cinnamon High Tea: Lakeside v. Grand

With everyone having to adapt to the changing face of the economy, it comes as no surprise that the afternoon high tea platters offered at hotels and restaurants across the city have also had to adjust their prices and compositions. I happened to try the high tea platters at the two more popular Cinnamon City Hotels during the month of January. Here’s a brief look at how it went.

Cinnamon Lakeside

Visited on        : 12.01.2023

Price               : LKR 7,000 (platter for two)

Availability     : 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm, Mon-Thu


– single serving of hot tea, hot coffee or iced coffee

– eight savoury items (two each)

– four sweet items (two each)

Lakeside’s sweet items

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Lakeside introduced a high tea platter for LKR 3,800 that included a total of 44 pieces – four each of seven savouries and four sweets, via their Flavours delivery service ( Once the lockdown was lifted, they continued to serve the same arrangement at the hotel with a glass of iced coffee to begin with, and bottomless hot tea or coffee. While cutting down the number of pieces to two of each item – which is more suited for a platter for two – seems logical, it was disappointing to see that they had reduced the beverage option to a single serving of hot tea, hot coffee or iced coffee. The platter also did not offer scones, which is usually a classic inclusion with afternoon tea. Taste-wise, there wasn’t anything to fault. Everything was as good as they used to be.

I should also mention here that Cinnamon Lakeside dishes out a high tea buffet on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the rate of LKR 4,300 per person.

On a separate note, we were a little surprised to learn that Lakeside incurred a small additional charge (LKR 90 per box, if I recall correctly – this was last year, when there were four pieces per item) if we wished to take home remaining items from the platter.

Cinnamon Grand

Visited on        : 29.01.2023

Price               : LKR 6,800 (platter for two)

Availability     : 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm, daily


– glass of iced coffee

– eight savoury items (two each)

– raisin scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam

– four sweet items (two each)

– bottomless tea or coffee

Iced coffee
Grand’s scones and sweet items

While Grand’s lockdown high tea affair was priced a little higher than Lakeside’s at LKR 4,500, Grand’s comprised of 48 pieces (four each of eight savouries and four sweets) and they would send four cups of iced coffee, too ( Their current high tea platter offers two a-piece of eight savouries and four sweet items, as well as their delicious signature iced coffee and bottomless hot tea or coffee. At LKR 200 less than Lakeside’s high tea, offering more beverages, and with both the savouries and sweets tasting great as always, Cinnamon Grand’s high tea platter definitely trumps as the better option in terms of value for money. So, it’s no secret where we’d be going back to when we’re in the mood for high tea again!

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