Caramel Pumpkin (Part 02)

Located at: 38 Ward Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 12 Sep, 2018

I had already tasted a couple of dishes from here before, so I thought of trying out a few new things this time. However, I did stick with the delicious beverage that I (thoroughly) enjoyed on my first visit – The Breakup – which is essentially a scrumptious Oreo shake (LKR 650). Absolutely enjoyed it once again.

The Breakup

I went with the A Salt & Battery – crispy mullet fillet with chips and tartare sauce (LKR 880). While the dish looked quite plain, it tasted quite good. The three golden-hued fillets of fish were consistently nice and tender while their batter was mostly crispy. The tartare sauce was well-prepared too, with the diced pickled gherkins doing a perfect job in terms of texture and taste. The French fries (or chips) were not oily and were salted just right to contribute tastefully to the dish.

A Salt & Battery

The other dish that we had at the lunch table was a One Night in Bangkok – Thai green chicken curry served with steamed rice (LKR 720). This arrived at the table smoking – straight off the stove, I assumed. And that wasn’t the only heat it was giving off. The curry was quite spicy – as warned by the chilli symbol on the menu – but nothing one cannot handle. There was a generous serving of chicken with some cut beans and green peas, and the curry made a tasty accompaniment for the rice.

One Night in Bangkok


We took a few slices of their Honey Cake (LKR 450) on the way out to try later on. I liked how they looked – with a honeycomb pattern made of the cream on top. Later on, I found that their look wasn’t the only great thing about them. The fine layers of honey sponge were almost delicate, held together by equally fine layers of cream. The cake had a soft, melt-in-your mouth texture that, despite the substantial sweetness, made you want to dig into it some more. Unfortunately, I have no photos to put up here, but do give this one a shot if ever you go by and are looking for a little sweet something.

Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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