Flavours by Cinnamon – Grand’s Family High Tea

Ordered via : https://flavours.cinnamonhotels.com

Ordered on       : 23 Jan, 2022

I recently noticed on the Flavours delivery platform (link above) that Cinnamon Grand has introduced a Family High Tea platter (LKR 4,500) that is quite similar in presentation to that offered by Cinnamon Lakeside (https://theeatlog.com/2021/08/28/flavours-high-tea-for-2/). The platter is prepared by their Tea Lounge, and we thought of checking it out over the weekend. (If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’d have realised by now that I have a mild weakness for a decent afternoon high tea *wink wink*.)

Family High Tea by Cinnamon Grand’s Tea Lounge

Similar to Lakeside’s home-delivered high tea platter, Grand’s comprises of a 48-piece setup with four apiece of:

Iced Coffee


. Cornmeal-crusted veggie burger

. Tuna and anchovy aioli wrap

. Egg and kochchi with apple chutney sandwich

. Mini sub with chicken and cheese



. Prawn and vegetable fritter

. Mini mutton pattie

. Spicy fish croquette

. Vegetable turnover



. Praline cake

. Mixed fruit tart

. Chocolate éclair

. Cashew rock


The sandwich tier was my favourite on the stand. It’s hard to pick a favourite because they were all quite nice in different ways. The egg and kochchi sandwich was not hot despite the kochchi but had a gentle touch of sweetness to it from the apple chutney, which made it delicate and attractive to the palate. The texture of the veggie burger patty made the already tasty burger all the more interesting. The other two items were quite tasty, too, and it was pleasing to find that all the breads were soft and fresh.

Among the savouries, the vegetable turnover tasted quite good, as did the mutton pattie. However, the prawn and vegetable fritter was a bit oily, and the spicy fish croquette was not spicy despite its name. The items were generally tasty, but I did feel like they – particularly the fillings – were not as well defined in their identities as they could have been.

The sweet tier’s cashew rock provided something a bit unique with its chocolate coated cashew and meringue combo. The choux pastry of the éclair was good, but I would have preferred for it to be coated in milk or dark chocolate (of course, this is my personal bias – I’m sure any white chocolate lover would enjoy this as it is). While the praline cake was quite moist, it was also a bit dense – not quite fudgy, but something in between. The tart shell and custard of the mixed fruit tart were among the more enjoyable elements on this tier for me.

I liked that the iced coffee was not too sweet – definitely a good thing after a filling high tea with a substantial selection of sweets. It wasn’t heavy at all and had a mild bitterness to it that I quite liked. A perfect alternative finish to this afternoon high tea experience.

If I hadn’t tried Lakeside’s ‘sister’ high tea prior to this, I would have been very pleased with this platter. However, having had the former, I am inclined to draw comparisons between the two – and in my opinion, Lakeside’s high tea platter has an edge over Grand’s with its pretty visual, intriguing array of flavours and value for money. Nonetheless, Cinnamon Grand’s Family High Tea is certainly worth trying.

* Ordering via Flavours also allows you to contribute towards Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ ‘Meals that Heal’ campaign through which they donate a meal to members of the community for every order placed. It could be an amount as small as LKR 100 that you donate – but small things make a big difference. Kudos to Cinnamon for this initiative. *

Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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