The Fab – Lumprais

Located at: 41/2, Negombo Road, Kandana, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 09 Dec, 2018

Yes, they’ve opened a branch up in this neck of the woods, and we thought we’ll give their lumprais a try. The chicken lumprais (LKR 440) was mediocre, and wasn’t exactly value for money given that the likes of VOC Café and BreadTalk offer better quality for a similar or lesser price. Which was disappointing since, well, this is a good ole ‘joint’ from a generation or two ago.

Chicken lumprais

The packet included an egg with the usual brinjal moju, ash plantain, seeni sambol, chicken and a fish cutlet. Taste-wise, the components were generally okay. There was an on-the-small-side serving of chicken, which had a bit of a curry taste to it. In fact, the ash plantain and brinjal components also came in small servings. They tasted alright, but I’ve surely tasted better seeni sambol from a lot of other places. The cutlet was nicely flavoured, though.

What was most odd was the fact that only one out of the three packets at the table had some belacan tucked (or should I say hidden) away under the seeni sambol. What was worse was that it tasted more like pani pol (sweetened coconut) than belacan. I have no idea how they managed to do that, but that was honestly what it tasted like. So much so that on sampling it, the recipient of one of the packets that didn’t have the belacan felt that they were definitely better off without it.

The rice wasn’t oily, which was a good thing – but unfortunately not good enough to make up for the rest of what the packet was lacking. Would I have it again? If it were a last resort, maybe.

Yummy Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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