Jaggery Cake from D’zrt Bar

Instagram: @dzrt_bar_lk (pre-order for takeaway from Colombo 07)

Tried on: 04th December 2020

TEL thought of checking out one of Colombo’s newest home bakers – D’zrt Bar, and what immediately popped out on their menu was the Jaggery Cake (LKR 1,850 for 500g).

Neatly wrapped and presented in a box with a seasonal touch, the cake itself looks unassumingly simple. However, as you bite into it, you begin to taste its complexity with the layers of different textures.

The first thing you notice is the predominant cake layer, which tastes quite like love cake (yum!). The delightful layer of caramelised, fudgy jaggery then kicks in. And somewhere in the middle of all of that, you also begin to experience the munchiness of the cashew pieces, which brings it all together. In combination, these layers create a rather charming, enjoyable and happy treat – to indulge in or to gift. We certainly treated ourselves to it in generous portions!

D’zrt Bar’s scrumptious Jaggery Cake

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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