Mirzam Chocolates

Located at : 4th Street, Al Quoz 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(I was introduced to Mirzam by a friend who takes her chocolate very, very seriously – thank you!)

Mirzam Chocolate Makers are artisanal chocolatiers based in the UAE. They specialise in single origin bars, with all their cocoa beans brought in from within 20 degrees North and South of the equator. Everything from roasting to winnowing, grinding and tempering are done in-house before finishing off with their signature imprint on every bean-to-bar delight.

Mirzam milk chocolate bar

Mirzam toasted white chocolate bar

This particular pack – Emirati Collection – came with:
1) Rgag – 52% milk chocolate with crispy Arabic Rgag bread
2) Khabeesa – 62% dark chocolate with a blend of spices and crumbled biscuits
3) Aseeda – toasted white chocolate spiced with cardamom
4) Halwa – 62% dark chocolate with saffron, rose, caramel brittle, nuts and dates
5) Loqaimat – 45% milk chocolate with puffed quinoa caramelised in date syrup

Emirati Collection by Mirzam

Clearly, it’s ideal for every chocolate enthusiast / adventurer, packed with the flavours of the Mid East.

What makes them even better is the fact that the bars come wrapped in an assortment of beautiful and colourful papers, each printed with nomadic-inspired art by local artists.

Wrapper artwork inspired by local artists

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