Flavours by Cinnamon – Thai Family Menu

Ordered via : https://flavours.cinnamonhotels.com

Ordered on       : 28 Aug, 2021

One of Cinnamon Lakeside’s family meal options is their Thai Family Menu (LKR 3,500 for 2 pax, LKR 6,500 for 4 pax), prepared by Royal Thai – their popular in-house Thai restaurant. We’ve had this delivered a few times, and have enjoyed it on every occasion.

The meal includes:

. Papaya salad with lemon chilli and roasted peanuts

. One vegetarian dish from:

  • Stir-fried mixed vegetables with fried garlic
  • Bean curd and vegetable red curry

. Two non-vegetarian dishes from:

  • Fried modha fish with garlic celery sauce
  • Stir-fried red snapper with hot chilli and peppercorn
  • Wok-fried cuttlefish with tamarind sauce
  • Chicken green curry
  • Wok-fried chicken with chilli and hot basil
  • Hot basil pork
  • Pork red curry
  • Beef in oyster sauce with celery
  • Wok-fried beef with string beans and chilli sauce

. One rice or noodle dish from:

  • Egg and vegetable fried rice with fried garlic
  • Chicken fried rice with spring onion
  • Spicy seafood egg noodles with hot basil

. One dessert from:

  • Coconut sago with glazed honey mango
  • Cream caramel with peach
  • Fresh fruit salad
Thai Family Menu – with papaya salad, wok-fried vegetables, cuttlefish with tamarind sauce, chicken green curry, egg and vegetable fried rice, and coconut sago with mango

The papaya salad was nice and fresh with seasoned raw papaya and plenty of peanuts in an appetising chilli lemon drizzle.

For the veg option, we ordered the wok-fried mixed vegetable which had a vibrant combination of crunchy boiled carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom and baby corn in a yummy oyster sauce.

The first of our non-veg choices was the chicken green curry. We’ve picked this one a couple of times before, and it has been consistently good – the green curry was wonderful and very, very satisfying with a bit of rice. Our second choice was the cuttle-fish with tamarind sauce. Although the website description said wok-fried, the cuttlefish was actually batter-fried. Not quite what I expected, but the tamarind sauce was top-notch and made the dish a tasty one. We’ve tried the hot basil pork before, and this too was quite a good dish with strips of nicely marinated pork in an aromatic not-too-thick sauce.

We went with the egg and veg rice option, which was an appetising choice to balance the meal out while allowing the other dishes’ flavours to shine through. We have tried the seafood egg noodle on a previous occasion, and I recall it being pretty good, too.

We always pick the coconut sago option for dessert. Not just because it is quintessentially Thai / Far Eastern, but also because Royal Thai does a good job of it. Neither too thick, nor too runny, and definitely not too sweet. A subtly satisfying finish to a heartily satisfying meal.

Yet another scrumptious and superb value-for-money option from Cinnamon Lakeside!

* Ordering via Flavours also allows you to contribute towards Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ ‘Meals that Heal’ campaign through which they donate a meal to members of the community for every order placed. It could be an amount as small as LKR 100 that you donate – but small things make a big difference. Kudos to Cinnamon for this initiative. *

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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