Chutneys @ Cinnamon Grand (Part 02)

Located at: 77 Galle Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 29 Mar, 2018

Ahoy there, vegetarians! Here’s one for you.

This is my second review of Chutneys, and this time it’s all veg. There are a few overlapping choices from the last time – the Ulundu Vadai (LKR 400 for a set of three pieces), the Paper Dosai (LKR 300) and the Kari Kari Kuruma – mixed vegetables cooked in cashew gravy (LKR 450), because hey, who doesn’t like to have good stuff again, right? In fact, I would like to make mention of the paper dosai and the mint chutney that came with the ulundu vadai again – marvellous! (You can read more about these at But the purpose of this review is to throw light on a couple of new things we tried out that, together with these, made for a delicious vegetarian meal.

Ulundu Vadai…
…with mint (L) and tomato (R) chutneys
Paper Dosai…
…with (L-R) tomato, dhal, mint chutneys and sambar
Kari Kari Kuruma

The first of the two new finds was their Paneer Methi Gassi – cottage cheese cooked in onion tomato gravy, flavoured with fenugreek leaves (LKR 450). Delicious. This is essentially the curry you get with butter chicken (one of my favourite North Indian dishes!) and goes fabulously with dosai and naan. I didn’t realise how much of the dosai I had consumed since I was thoroughly enjoying it with this gravy. Fantastic. Definitely recommended.

Paneer Methi Gassi

The second (contemporary?) dish that we decided to try out was their Cheese Dosai (LKR 300). I wasn’t sure how this unconventional combination would turn out to be but was curious to find out anyway. And I was quite pleased by the find. As you break into the triangularly-wrapped dosai, the melted cheese threads out into a manageable mess and I have to say it makes a rather interesting combination of taste and texture on the palate. The South Indian flavour of the dosai mixed with the more Western taste of what seemed like mozzarella. I liked it. However, I recommend that you finish the cheese dosai it while it’s hot – once it goes cold, it loses a bit (or more) of its spark and can feel a bit dreary. Do try, though.

Cheese Dosai

Keep it up, Chutneys!

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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