The Dubai Diaries: Seafood Market @ Le Méridien Dubai

Located at: Airport Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Visited on: 21 Apr, 2019

Seafood Market started us off with an entrée of vegetable spring rolls and sesame prawn toast, both of which were quite good. Crisp, crunchy and warmly welcoming.

Their welcome starter – vegetable spring roll and sesame prawn toast

We ordered two kinds of soup. The first was Crabmeat and Sweet Corn (AED 50). This was quite tasty, with plenty of munchy crab meat to enjoy.

Crabmeat and Sweet Corn soup

The second was Thai Tom Yum Kung (AED 51). This was quite good too, seasoned well with spices and oriental flavours, and plenty of mushroom.

Thai Tom Yum Kung soup

For the main course, we went up to the “market” area and picked out some calamari to have deep-fried, tempura style. Although the calamari rings were crisp, they were slightly oilier than I would have liked and the batter was not seasoned much. But the dips served – lemon butter sauce, chilli sauce, Thai coconut sauce and sautéed veg – were a good choice of accompaniments. I particularly liked the coconut and lemon butter sauces.

Calamari – deep-fried, tempura style



Dips – lemon butter sauce, chilli sauce, coconut sauce, sautéed veg

We asked to have some tiger prawns charcoal grilled. These came out nice and plump and succulently scrumptious, and the dips went well with this dish too. I was glad to see that the prawn hadn’t been over-grilled and therefore had a fresh crunch to them rather than a charred taste or aroma.

Tiger prawn – charcoal grilled

For the main course, we chose to have crab meat sautéed with black pepper sauce, seabass steamed with ginger, spring onions, coriander leaves and soy sauce, and some mixed vegetables sautéed with oyster sauce. All three dishes were nicely prepared, but I particularly liked the sauce of the fish dish as it made the Steamed Rice (AED 34) taste delicious. The onion and red pepper cubes were a good, crunchy addition to the crab meat, and the fish was tender yet meaty enough to enjoy the bite. The vegetables also tasted good in combination with the soy sauce.

(Clockwise from top left) Steamed rice, mixed vegetables – sautéed with oyster sauce, crab meat – sautéed with black pepper sauce, seabass – steamed with ginger, spring onions, coriander leaves and soy sauce

We decided to try two of their desserts. One was their Chocolate Trio (AED 32). Boy, this was pretty good. As the cross-section image shows, the wonderful little thing consisted of three layers of alternating milk and white chocolate mousse on a thin layer of chocolate sponge, cloaked in a fine layer of chocolate. It tasted lovely – the combination fell into place perfectly.

Chocolate Trio…
…and its cross-section

The other dessert was their Crème Brulee (AED 32). This was quite good too, with a bit of blueberry compote at the bottom adding an interesting twist to the conventional crème brulee. The custard had a nice light sweetness and consistency and the sugar topping was caramelised just enough to give it a subtle crunch.

Crème Brulee

As with my reviews on two other similar ‘market’ concept restaurants – The Lagoon at Cinnamon Grand ( and Fish Market at Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek (, I haven’t included prices for the ‘market’ items as they vary by day and are weight-dependent. As I have mentioned in those reviews, the preparations at both restaurants (particularly The Lagoon) were quite delicious – full of flavour and character. In comparison, the preparations at Seafood Market were a little less in flavour – enjoyable nonetheless, but not as tingling on the palate. It was, however, a comfortably light meal and a good ambience.

Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Special offers: Emirates Platinum card holders get 20% taken off the total bill.


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