The Euro Diaries: Chimney Cakes (Kürtőskalács) in Budapest

Here’s a sweet speciality one must not miss when in Hungary. In fact, I believe it’s a popular street snack in its neighbouring countries as well. I am attaching herewith the board that was put up on the stall so that I don’t have to explain the history and preparation of it.

Bu20 DSC_7810

Basically, it’s a spiral of thin bread, soft on the inside and slightly crusty on the outside, open-baked over a coal stove and covered in sugar and whatever other topping of your choice – we went with cocoa. I have to say it was surprisingly light, and four of us finished almost the entirety of this large ‘chimney’ (this was dessert after the latke).

Bu20 DSC_7811
Open-baking on a coal stove
Bu20 DSC_7812
Chimney’s ready!
Bu20 DSC_7813
Spiraling away…

I noticed in a few other places that they stuff the chimney with different fillings like chocolate, cream with fruits and other imaginably indulgent possibilities. However, I believe what you see here is the ‘chimney’ in its original form.

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