The Euro Diaries: Apple Pie in Bratislava

Now, we were told that this is “untradionally traditional” (or was it “traditionally untraditional”?) – what I translated into ‘their take on the good old apple pie’. Apple pie must   have been a traditionally popular dessert over the years, understandably. But frankly, I don’t care how traditional or not this was. It was absolutely delicious. So delicious that my mouth waters just recalling the taste of it. Mind you, it was nothing excessively fancy – your regular apple and cinnamon filling topped with some kind of creamy, yummy yogurt and a triangle of pastry puff with some sugar dust sprinkled on it. Simple ingredients, but I’m sure it’s their quality and the manner in which the ingredients were put together that made this regular dessert and exceptional one. Kudos to Cristallo Restaurant for giving us this sweet memory!

Br20 DSC_7891
A really drool-worthy ‘apple pie’

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