The Dubai Diaries: Amorino Gelato @ The Dubai Mall

Located at: Financial Center Road, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Visited on: 12 Oct, 2019

This little gelato ‘truck’ stationed near Galaries Lafayette on the ground floor serves these fancy little rose-shaped gelato on cones. You can get the petals done in one or several flavours, and this particular one was completely pistachio.
And no matter how many times you see it being done (or get one), it never fails to excite
the child in you!

Pistachio gelato

Taste-wise, I am told by the pistachio fan who ordered it that it’s probably the best she’s had. I can agree – it was bursting with rich, but not overdone, pistachio goodness.


If you follow TEL, you’ll know who ordered the chocolate gelato cup. This, too, was subtly rich and quite enjoyable. The vanilla one was also pretty good.

Chocolate and Vanilla gelato

Small sized cones and cups are priced at AED 22 (regular at AED 28, large at AED 36).

Yummy rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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