The Euro Diaries: Delicious Kazimierz Food Tour in Krakow

Foodie in Krakow?
Take this tour.

You’re bound to try a whole lot of stuff that you may not come across (or shy away from even if you do) on this tour. It’s a walking tour with six stops during which you get to taste about fifteen different authentic Polish dishes, plus two Polish vodkas and two Polish beers. Yep. This pretty much covers for dinner – a light, early lunch on the day is highly recommended!

And there’s plenty to learn about the history of Polish food while on the tour.
Food for belly. Food for thought!

K12 DSC_0713
Pierogi (L-R: sauerkraut & mushroom, cheese & potato, spinach, sweet cheese with cinnamon)


K12 DSC_0719
Sourdough soup


K12 DSC_0720
Beetroot soup (“barszcz” – as plain and odd as it might look, it’s full of mouth-watering flavours = personal favourite of the tour!)


K12 DSC_0722
Baguette with mushroom, ketchup, cheese and the likes – every bit your yummy street food
K12 DSC_0726
Polish Bison Grass Vodka


K12 DSC_0727
Polish Queen’s Vodka


K12 DSC_0729
Krakow sausages and smoked sheep milk cheese
K12 DSC_0730
Polish Beer – Belgian Summer Ale and Indian Summer Ale
K12 DSC_0732
Potato pancakes with goulash
K12 DSC_0731
Cabbage rolls
K12 DSC_0734
Cabbage Stew
K11 IMG-20180424-WA0033
Beetroot Salad
K12 DSC_0736
Apple pancake dessert…
K12 DSC_0735
…with berry cream sauce











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