The Euro Diaries: Canal Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam

There was nothing traditional about the food served on this cruise. But the reason The Eat Log decided, in hindsight, to share these images is because each and every course was SO delicious. We were served with a delectable aperitif and chocolates at the end too. Bursting with flavour in just the right portion sizes, this is a must-do for any foodie in the city.

The menu varies seasonally, and this particular day’s options included:
1) A smoked salmon starter with a yummy soy-mayo
2) A chicken mains that looked and tasted great
3) A sea-bass mains done Thai-style, so good that it easily trumped the chicken option; prawn, bok choy, noodles, cracker and the works
4) A berry-based trio of desserts that even a chocolate hunter like myself found hard to resist

A13 DSC_1892
Smoked salmon starter
A13 DSC_0408
Chicken mains
A13 DSC_0409
Sea-bass mains
A13 DSC_0412
Berry-based Trio of Desserts




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