The Euro Diaries: Paella in Barcelona

This dense, almost porridge-like rice dish is hugely popular in Spain, enjoyed by locals at lunch and dinner. Paella is available at pretty much every restaurant that serves local cuisine and is commonly served with seafood.
Tastes great with flavours of tomato, herbs and mild curry on the palate. A must-try if you’re in the city!

B15 DSC_0150
Shellfish Paella – the most popular form in which it’s served (sometimes mixed with meat)
B15 DSC_0151
Black Rice Paella – looks utterly unappetising, yes, but tastes almost the same as the former with a bit of smokiness from the charcoal used in preparation
B20 DSC_0160
Paella with cut pork ribs – an interesting twist on the dish


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