The Asia Diaries: PAUL Malaysia

Located at: Level 2, Pavilion Mall, 168 Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Visited on: 04th October, 2022

If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you would know by now that TEL is a fan of PAUL French Bakery and Pâtisserie. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea time, there’s always something satisfying that PAUL has to offer, and so it has become a family favourite whenever we’re back in Dubai (our second home). It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see a PAUL restaurant/café while walking around at Pavilion Mall in KL. Opened in 2017, it is apparently their first and only outlet in Malaysia at the moment. For a brief moment, we forgot that we were tourists in Malaysia, and stopped for a more familiar lunch at PAUL.

The menu was a bit different from what we were offered in Dubai a few months ago, but that’s how PAUL works anyway – they update their menu every few months. We tried their soup of the day, which was Pumpkin Soup (MYR18.00). It was a vibrant affair that was creamy, tasty and satisfying.

Soup of the Day – Pumpkin Soup

Their Fish & Chips (MYR 41.00) was a simple but tasty meal. The fish was well-seasoned, crisp on the outside and cooked to perfection on the inside. The lemon mayo was quite delicious and went very well with the fries and fish.

Fish & Chips

The Croissant Smoked Salmon (MYR 29.00) came with a bit of salad on the side. The croissant – or ‘signature croissant’, as they call it – had smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce and seasoned Greek yogurt. It was a refreshing and healthy meal that was light but filling. A very PAUL dish, so to say.

Croissant Smoked Salmon

Third was their Fettuccine Creamy Chicken & Mushroom (MYR 38.00). Indulgent, delish and thoroughly satisfying. The chicken was well-seasoned, while the mushrooms gave the dish a nice bite and umami flavour. I do like my cheese, and so the parmesan on top was a wonderful extra to the silky cream cheese that the light pasta had already been doused in. The dish had some boiled veggies incorporated, as well as a stick of toasted multi-seed bread which was great to dip in the creamy cheese and enjoy.

Fettuccine Creamy Chicken & Mushroom

For dessert, we tried PAUL’s Tiramisu (MYR 15.00) and Chocolate Praline (MYR 15.00). They were obvious in their differences, and yet similar in that they were not too sweet, and were light and almost fluffy. The tiramisu slice had espresso-soaked biscuit incorporated into a whipped up mascarpone, and topped with caramelised almond flakes that gave it a bit of a crunchy element. The chocolate praline slice comprised of a dark chocolate sponge, sandwiched with a light, cool chocolate mousse, with tiny bits of crisp praline. Both were top-notch. A delightful end to our lunch.

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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