The Asia Diaries: Chizu

Located at: Sunway Pyramid Mall, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Visited on: 03rd October, 2022

Although Chizu is best known for its cheese tea, what we tried (and loved) was their cheesecake. I might not always be the biggest cheesecake fan around, but both of the cheesecake slices that we tried were so good that I wished the Japanese café would open an outlet back home in Sri Lanka, too.

Their Lotus Biscoff Cheese slice (MYR 18.00) was absolutely divine. The core was silky smooth, creamy but in a light way, with the flavour of Biscoff coming through just enough. This delicious core was sandwiched between a thin layer of caramel on top and a fine layer of chocolate at the bottom. Below the chocolate layer was a biscuit base, and the slice was topped with some crushed Biscoff. Need I say more? Thin as it was, the chocolate layer came through distinctly and somehow brought all the elements of the slice together. I had a new-found respect for the increasingly popular yet humble Lotus Biscoff, and was Chizu’s newest fan.

Lotus Biscoff Cheese

As if that wasn’t good enough, Chizu’s Burnt Cheesecake (MYR 15.00) was another crowd-pleaser. More viscous in texture than the Biscoff slice and much simpler than it, but just as good. The outer shell was lightly burnt to perfection and contributed beautifully towards both taste and texture. It was a great slice of burnt cheesecake.

Burnt Cheesecake

We followed the cake up with some Jasmine Green Tea (MYR 10.00) and a Latte (MYR 13.00).Chizu’s hot beverages were presented in elegantly cute crockery that make a memorable first impression – after which their cheesecake surely left a lasting impression on all of us.

Pretty crockery!

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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