The Dubai Diaries: Mosaic Lebanese Restaurant

Located at: Vision Towers, Al-Najda Street, Al-Najda, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Visited on: 30th March, 2022

This restaurant isn’t located in Dubai itself, but in neighbouring Abu Dhabi. But I’ve put it under ‘The Dubai Diaries’ anyway since they’re both within the United Arab Emirates. And what a great find it turned out to be! Mosaic’s menu is quite extensive, with a lot of Lebanese and Middle Eastern favourites on offer. What makes it even better is that their food is prepared to perfection. It’s no wonder that they have been the recipient of a few Tripadvisor and What’s On awards in the recent past.

To begin with, the ambience of the place is wonderful. The tastefully mismatched seating and spacious arrangement gives the place a quirky yet chic vibe, enhanced with the addition of vibrant chandeliers and colourful wall décor.

On to the food. We started off with their Hommos Mosaic – a slightly spicier version with chilli paste (AED 29). The hummus itself was smooth, creamy, and had good flavour. With the added chilli and pine nuts, this was quite something to enjoy with the pita bread they served.

Hommos Mosaic

Their Falafel (AED 24) was excellent. Crisp and crunchy on the outside, and so fresh on the inside. Probably some of the best falafel I’ve had in a while. The tahina sauce that came with it was quite good, too.


The next dish that impressed was their classic Chicken Shawarma (AED 35). One portion includes two sandwiches and a side of fries. The shawarma was delicious. Plenty of succulent, well-seasoned chicken inside a thin khubz wrap, with pickles and tahini mayo. So good!

Chicken Shawarma

We also had a portion of Grilled Lamb Ribs (AED 74) at the table, which came with pickles, barbecued tomato and onions, and khubz. This meat, too, was tender and tasty. Again, well presented and well executed as a dish.

Grilled Lamb Ribs

For dessert, we tried their Cheese Kunafah (AED 30), the pastry part of which was delightfully good, particularly with its sugar syrup added. Quite the treat. The Mango Rice Pudding (AED 30) was pretty good, too, with a sago base, mango pieces and a crown of pistachio ice cream. We were also introduced to Ashta Ice Cream (AED 30), a traditional Lebanese clotted cream ice cream, mildly infused with saffron and spices and usually topped with crushed pistachio – which they gave us on the side, by request. The subtle flavour gave the ice cream more character than one would imagine, and it was definitely good with the pistachio added. Yet another satisfying dish from Mosaic to bring a scrumptious lunch to a close.

Clockwise from top left: Mango Pudding, Cheese Kunafah, Ashta Ice Cream
Ashta Ice Cream

Yummy Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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