The Dubai Diaries: Bloomsbury’s

Located at: Al Ghurair Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Visited on: 26th March, 2022

We made a breakfast stop at Bloomsbury’s one morning – a spot that was not present atAl Ghurair Centre during our pre-Covid visit two years ago. They had a comprehensive breakfast menu that offered everything from sandwiches to pancakes, shakshouka, wraps and toast.

I went with their Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon (AED 32), which I thought was pleasantly filling with two poached eggs, smoked salmon on English muffins, some asparagus and a hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise helped to pull everything together, and it was a largely healthy yet tasty choice for breakfast.

Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon

We also tried the Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham (AED 32), which was essentially the same as the previous, except for the turkey ham – which, too, was pretty good.

Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham

The Sunny Chicken Wrap (AED 37) had a bit of a Mexican vibe going with a filling of fried chicken, egg, lettuce, beans, quinoa, and cheese. This also came with a side of salad. The bread of the wrap was nice and thin and the filling managed to exude a freshness that made it an enjoyable breakfast.

Sunny Chicken Wrap

We decided to try a few of their cakes, too (they do have quite an eye-catching display!). Their Nutella Mini Cupcake (AED 9) and Pistachio Mini Cupcake (AED 9) looked great and tasted alright, too. However, I think it was the slice of Carrot Cake (AED 18) that was the most scrumptious of the lot. There was a bit more cream than I would ideally have liked, but the cake itself was pretty good.

Yummy Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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