The Euro Diaries: Savoury Cakes in Porto

One thing you notice on menus in Portugal is that codfish is mandatory in their seafood section. Another thing you notice if you go to a café is that they will also almost inevitably have codfish cakes (bolinhos de bacalhau) in their display. When served fresh and hot, these actually make for pretty tasty finger foods. On the starter platter below, you will also find beef croquettes (croquets de carne) – which although I’m not into beef, I found to be quite yum, and stuffed chicken thighs (coxinha de frango) – which were delicious. However, I’d recommend having these at a restaurant where they’re served fresh, hot and moist rather than at a café where they might have gone cold and dry over time.

P27f DSC_8050.JPG
Bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish cakes), croquets de carne (beef croquettes) and coxinha de frango (stuffed chicken thighs)

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